Reputation Management for the discerning client

We provide process led support to develop and maintain your reputation.

  • Create

    Our Strategies and Concepts are goal-oriented and dedicated to the organisational bottom line. We insist on working with the client at the highest level to maintain and cascade the long-term strategic vision.

    We identify and design Effective Communication materials with editorial excellence – from message formulation to delivery.

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  • Represent

    We provide clients with professional, effective, targeted representation. Our media services include press handling, broadcast and in studio agencies, agenda and issue management.

    Our Represent service incorporates media training, interactions, interviews, and public speaking engagements.

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  • Realise

    Media Analyst organises and manages key media related events including Press Conferences, Social and Business Reporting sessions, Strategic Meetings, Negotiations and Public forums.

    Where required, we provide liaison and coordination support services for outsourced organisational events as a business assurance function.

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